Henry at 20 months

My beautiful boy.

My sweet boy, my sunshine. It's hard to even put into words what this little boy has brought to our lives, because he is in every part of us. Those who know Henry know what we mean- he is truly the brightest part of our world, and lights up everyone around him.

At 20 months Henry is a mover, a shaker, a dancer. A singer, a runner, and a climber. He talks constantly, stringing together two words now to make mini sentences. He tells us what he wants, what he doesn't want, and his opinions are passionate, but can flip flop in an instant.

At 20 months Henry loves to eat, but is picky. Long gone are the days he would eagerly finish an entire plate of vegetables. Now we have to be a little trickier in how we present food to him. Timing is everything. His current favorite breakfast food is oatmeal with fresh fruit, and I always hide his liquid vitamins in there too. Lunch and dinner are interchangeable, and he is currently stuck on the same food items in a big rotation. His current loves: cherry tomatoes, any cheese but especially munster and feta, hummus, Trader Joe's Chicken-less Tenders, PB&Js, cheese quesadillas, bean soup, avocados, Ezekial bread and cream cheese, and fruit- ANY and ALL fruit. The boy would live on fruit if he could, and there was recently an situation we refer to as "The Watermelon Incident" where Henry became obsessed with watermelon during a BBQ and needed to have all of it. NOW. And wouldn't settle for anything less. Needless to say we don't say the "w word" around these parts anymore.

At 20 months Henry is always talking. He says more words than I can count, learning what feels like a million new ones every single day. Some of his most used: Mama, Dada, Maddie, Two-Two (short for his favorite toy R2-D2), Maddie, Snack (said like SCHNACK!), Up, Hiii!, Bye-Bye, Night-Night, Dada or Mama's ______ (shoes, hat, shirt, etc.), Ama (for Grandma), Pop-Pop, LoLo, Abeeeee, walk, park, NO!, Want to ____, the list goes on. He is such a ham and loves to talk to anyone and everyone. He'll walk up to anyone and give a big ole "Hiii!" and smile, then launch into a 2 minute chatter fest that sounds slightly coherent, but full of nonsense too. To Henry it all makes perfect sense though, and I love it.

At 20 months Henry is still a great sleeper. He goes to bed at 7 or 7:30pm and wakes up at 7 or 7:30am. He is taking one nap now, from 11am-2 or 3pm. We just moved to the one nap schedule and it's been so awesome because we can finally get everything done in the morning. For so long we went back and forth but now he can finally stay up until 11am or so without getting cranky. We have the same bedtime ritual every night before bed- we brush teeth, get into pjs, read 2-3 books, and give lots of hugs and kisses. We tuck him in with his two blankets and 2 sleeping buddies (a sock monkey and an Ugly Doll) and he drifts off pretty quickly.

At 20 months Henry is a firecracker. He loves hard, he laughs hard, and he feels every other emotion hard, too, including frustration. He's gotten much better as I've been working with him, but there are still those times (like at the car dealership last week) when he doesn't get what he wants and yells "NO NO NO!" and flops like a fish on the floor. As he understands more and more though, I feel like I am able to discuss with him that yes, it's okay to be upset or angry, but no, he can't act like that. I'm not sure if he is fully getting what I'm saying, but it's been helping and our little firecracker is a lot less volatile in those now-and-again instances.

Our almost two year old is growing and growing. I think he'll be tall like his Daddy and silly like his Mama. I think he'll be musical and athletic and have an interest in skateboarding, but we'll see. And as our little man inches closer to this next birthday, I am constantly in awe of all the changes in his world. From being a tiny infant to this rambunctious toddler, every stage has been the best. I look forward to seeing what else Henry has in store for us! Happy 20 months my man!


Henry watering plants at his Aunt's flower shop.

Loving: being a family of three. Earlier this summer we thought maybe it was time to expand our little family but we didn't, and now we are thinking about waiting until Henry is two.  We are just loving how everything is right now that it's hard to imagine changing it up...but then I think about another little one and my heart wants to explode from happiness. So I know it'll hopefully happen, but the real question is when! On a side note I can't believe I used to say I wanted 5 or 6 kids! Whoa...

Reading: Okay so I decided to see what all the hype was about and finally read 50 Shades of Grey. I didn't know too much about the story outside of the fact there was a lot of sex, but I figured if I could handle the insanity of Sociology of Sexuality in college I could deal with a few pages of kinkiness. First of all, the writing definitely leaves something to be desired, but I did find the storyline to be engaging. I want to know what happens to Ana, to Christian, to everyone! And so I powered through the first book, blushing on the plane as I read some "interesting" parts, hoping my seat mate didn't look over my shoulder and see some of the words I was reading! Yikes. I'm halfway through the first book and I'm kind of embarrassed to say I'm pretty wrapped up in the storyline. I could take or leave all of the sex parts, but like Twilight, as much as I wish the writing was better I still care about the characters. I'll let you know when I finish the final book.

Watching: not much. I've been reading a few books including 50 Shades so I haven't watched a lot of TV at all. I'll tell you what I did watch though, and that is the Bachelorette finale. Oh my goodness, talk about sweet! I love Jef and Emily and I know this makes me sound slightly insane but I have a feeling they might actually work out. He just seems so down to earth and normal and I am hoping everything falls into place for them.

Thinking about: privacy and Henry. I think a lot about this blog and about what it will mean for Henry when he is older. I'll do a little 20-month update for Henry tomorrow, but for the most part I try to keep it more about what we do as a family, and keep any sort of Henry over-share out of here. I just keep thinking about all of these kids being adults and having potty photos pop up when they're googled. So as far as my own kids, I won't ever cross that line. And of course no judgement for those who wish to post photos like that, it's just not for me. I'll keep on blogging about our family and what we're up to, talk about milestones or different changes as Henry gets older, but if there's ever a time when he's not into photos or being a part of this space that's a-okay with me. That's also assuming I'm still blogging then. And looking waaaay too far into the future! ha. Have you thought about this though? I'm always so curious to hear other bloggers' thoughts on it.

Anticipating: Hawaii! We're going to be heading over in about a month and I'm so excited. This will be Henry's first time having his own seat on the plane and I am excited to pack him a tiny backpack full of treats and things to keep him occupied. I have such fond memories of traveling a lot with my family when I was little and my parents always made it a really special time. Lauren and I had our own little matching CareBears suitcases packed to the brim with new books and small treasures, and I can still remember how excited we'd get whenever we'd get to fly somewhere. I hope to bring that same magic to Henry.

Listening to: the new Gaslight Anthem, as I've talked about a million times! It's just so good. I can't pick a favorite song either. I go back and forth between Keepsake and Blue Dalia. Have you heard it? Do you have a favorite song? My friend Erin and I will be seeing them again in September and I can't wait.

Working on: lots of working out! I am just loving CrossFit, loving the feeling I get when I leave with my WOD complete, and I love how much stronger I already feel. I enjoy that CF focuses on strength and personal bests rather than dieting and trying to get super skinny. Lifting weights has always been my favorite part of fitness and I'm enjoying learning so many new moves. Yesterday we did a ton of dead lifts and I'm feeling it today, not to mention the insane bruises on my shins from the bar.

that NY was a whole lot closer. I'm still on an "Emily high" from my trip last week and I miss her terribly. Although I've spent countless time in the city, this visit I really fell in love with it. I consider myself a small town kind of girl, but after this trip I could kind of, sort of imagine Hank, Henry and I living in a place like NYC, at least for awhile. I love Brooklyn and had a few super special nights out with friends I won't be forgetting anytime soon. Distance, why do you have to be so difficult?

So, how about you? What are you up to today? Feel free to do your own "currently" post on your blog and link back in the comments for everyone to check out. And thanks again to my dear friend Megan for providing the original inspiration for these posts.

Wreath Love

Whoa can you believe summer is almost over?
I can't!
My kids are dreading going back to school,
I think their ready (hee hee).
I haven't had too much time to craft or sew, but between trips to San Diego I did make this...
Have you tried making a book page wreath yet?
I'm in love with it!
There are several tutorials going around blog land, here's one of my favorites.
Of course I'm a little OCD, I had to make it a little different.
I spent approximately $5 bucks on this lovely wreath.
If you'd like a tutorial on how I made mine, let me know!

Recipe: Coconut Almond Chicken

Recipe: Coconut Almond Chicken

Before I even get into the recipe let me first tell you how AMAZING this dish is. Chicken can be a little dry sometimes, but this was absolutely delicious, tender, and I wanted seconds...and thirds! Henry isn't too keen on meat and Hank doesn't eat it at all, so my wish was granted and all the chicken was mine. Awesome.

This recipe came from a few different places, and perfected in my kitchen. If you search "Paleo coconut chicken" or "clean eating coconut chicken" you're bound to find a million recipes. I read over a few but ultimately ran with it, and I'm so happy how it turned out.

This chicken is incredibly easy to make and I love that it includes just a handful of ingredients. Hank and I discussed ways to make it vegetarian or even vegan friendly, so perhaps I'll try that in the future. Let me know if you end up making this dish, and also let me know if you like it. I have a feeling you will!

What you'll need:

chicken breast
3/4 cup of unsweetened shredded coconut
1/2 cup almond meal/flour
a pinch or two of sea salt
1 egg or two egg whites (I used 1 whole egg)
1 1/2 tbsp coconut oil
pan for frying

*As an afterthought, although the almond flour gives it a nice, subtle nutty flavor, I think it would be great to add some crushed almonds to the dry mix too. So if you have some on hand, give it a try!

Recipe: Coconut Almond Chicken


1. Mix the shredded coconut, almond flour and sea salt together in a bowl.

2. In a second bowl, beat your egg (or two egg whites if you prefer).

3. Dip each chicken breast or piece into the egg, then into the dry mixture, coating all sides evenly.

Recipe: Coconut Almond ChickenRecipe: Coconut Almond Chicken

4. Heat up your coconut oil in your pan. I usually like to heat my pan up on its own for a minute, then add in the coconut oil. It should "melt" and turn to liquid.

5. Pan fry the chicken breasts in the coconut oil, until the middle of the chicken is no longer pink. The outside coating should turn a light brown.

6. Pair with some tasty veggies and enjoy! You may want to make my favorite salad dressing too.

Recipe: Coconut Almond ChickenRecipe: Coconut Almond ChickenDSC_0225

Weekend Links

Little Madeline home from the groomer's, all fresh and clean!Madeline, home from the groomer this morning! I have a post all about the love between her and Henry I need to finish and post sometime. She's such a special little pup and I'm so grateful for her.

It's Saturday and I thought I'd take a few minutes while Henry is finishing up his nap to share some of my favorite links from around the web this week. Some of you have asked me via the comments how I collect and organize all of the links I share, and it's really simple. As I find them, all I do is bookmark them into a folder called "Weekly Links" and then simply cut and paste them at the end of the week. This way I am able to just quickly file something awesome away and have them all in the same place. I feel kind of silly typing that out because it's so straight-forward and easy but now you know! It's nothing fancy.

Today's been a good one. I had a gnarly WOD at CrossFit this morning, then Hank, Henry and I ran a few errands around town. I can't say enough how much I am loving CF. I'll write another post on it in about a month when I've been doing it for a bit longer but a couple weeks in and I'm hooked. It takes me back to my sports-playing days in HS, and later working with trainers...just a lot harder. But with that challenge comes the best feeling after and I can't say enough good things about Captain CrossFit. Great gym, great people.

Here are some links!


The kind folks over at Signazon recently sent us one of their canvas prints (see it here). It's really well-made and a great addition to Hank's office. The color totally pops, and unlike some of the other canvases we've had made the color is just as bright on the canvas as it is on the computer screen. We're really happy with it. Signazon makes a few other items too (wedding signs, window decals, etc.), so be sure to check them out.

I love this blog.

10 best summer picnics!

It's going to be 2013 sooner than we can say "I love these calendars!"

5 guys take the same photo for 30 years. It's pretty neat to see the difference.

Loved Jen's "Currently" post.

10 images of inspiration: all the pretty girls.

Have you signed up for Pave Life yet?

Check out Lyd's summer reading list - there are a couple I haven't read yet and I can't wait to check out!

A great quote.

Sponsor Love: Life of a Kitchen Table and Chocolate Milk and Mustard Seeds.

To You and You and You. Wouldn't this be fun to do on your own blog? And here's another fun post that's kind of similar too. Love both of these!

This house is perfect. 

I don't live anywhere near Denali National Park, but this post has me inspired to take Henry on more hikes in our area.

10 favorite photo apps over on Design Sponge.

Oh, Fiona! You are amazing.

Coffee Chocolate Marshmallow Krispies! Hank would love these.

Loving these tees from Anthacus. 

Some blogs to explore: My Brown Baby, Daily Chin-Ups, and I Love You To The Moon.

NY, I Love You.

The story of the past week starts out almost 10 years ago, when I met one of my most favorite people in the entire world, Emily. I was 21 and freshly graduated from college, and newly living back down in the Valley with Autumn and Shirley. It was an amazing summer full of going out and being young, and enjoying the "in-between," those months wedged right between receiving my degree and figuring out what I wanted to do with my life.

Emily and I met through friends, and after exchanging many messages over Myspace I went with one of those long-time mutual friends to her house. It was serious friend-love-at-first-sight and we clicked into inseparable mode immediately, spending every waking moment together that summer running around Phoenix, going to shows, baking vegan treats and being silly as only two young girls can be with little to no responsibility in their lives. I was assistant managing the Aveda store at Fashion Square then, so I was enjoying the easy life of summertime retail hours, and we would stay up late every night giggling and talking to boys on AIM and just enjoying each others' company. It was amazing.

But the next year came and I met Hank, and she had things going on, and life took over. We drifted. But I thought of her all the time and missed her more than anything. And so as fate would have it we reconnected and realized that nothing had changed at all. We were still those same girls, and our friendship was still there. Over the next seven years we'd work hard to get back to where we were, and now looking back I am so grateful that we didn't give up. I feel lucky to have so many amazing memories with Em over the past decade and feel so fortunate we are always making more.

Emily is one of those people that lights up a room when she walks in. She's beyond positive, never speaks an ill word about anyone, and she inspires me in every sense of the word. She's truly a soul-mate sister of mine and whenever we're together a part of my heart feels whole again. I'm so grateful for our friendship.

And so this past week I spent five days in New York with Em, at her and her wonderful husband Jesse's place in Brooklyn. I'd visited her in NYC numerous times but this was by far my most favorite trip yet! One of the best things about visiting Em is that she is just as health-conscious and fitness-oriented as I am, so any time I am with her we make time for working out and eat mainly healthy with a few treats here and there. I love that I always go home feeling better than when I arrived, and it's just so neat we're always on the same page.

So I left on Friday morning pretty early, after having an extra-long goodbye with little Henry (I cried, he was like "BYE MAMA!" and all smiles, of course! haha). I flew on a direct flight and headed straight over to Em's, and got there around 8pm. Our original plan was to stay in and catch up, but some of our friends had some celebrating to do, so we decided to head out for the night.  We ended up having SO much fun, and it was great to toast to our friends' success and run around Brooklyn for awhile. We ended the night in Chinatown at a karaoke bar singing Barbie Girl at 3am, so I think it's safe to say night #1 was a success.

The next morning we woke up and walked over the Williamsburg Bridge and into the city to take a class at Physique 57. It was awesome and I worked so many little muscles I didn't even know I had. We ate lunch at one of my favorite spots, Souen, then walked around some more before headed back to get ready for the night. That night (Saturday) we were celebrating Emily leaving her job and starting on a brand new adventure, so a whole bunch of friends got together and we ate dinner at Taco Chulo. We spent the rest of the night sitting around and talking, and it was a really wonderful evening.

Sunday morning was Coney Island day so Ashley, Whitney, Emily, Jesse and I took the train out to Coney and spend the day on the beach and riding rides. I surprised myself and actually rode The Cyclone. Let me tell you, it was horrible. I'm glad I did it - I mean, when else will I be able to ride an 85 year old rollercoaster?- but it felt like being in 10 car accidents, all in a row. Ouch! After Coney we were so exhausted so we grabbed some Mediterranean food and went to bed a little early.

Monday Emily, Ashley and I headed down to the Jersey Shore. It was amazing. It took us hours to get out of the city in our rental car but it was still great to just sit and talk. We were stuck behind a truck with a huge ad for rice on the back, so if you're curious about any details regarding a 10lb. bag of Basmati rice I'm your girl! NJ was awesome though- one of my favorite place in the world- and the rain waited until we were on our way home thankfully!

Tuesday was my last full day and it was a jampacked one- Central Park, a delicious lunch at Le Pain Quotidien, some shopping at Lululemon and ending the afternoon CrossFitting at Black Box NYC. We did Fran and for those who are familiar with that...it was brutal. We walked out of there so happy we did it though and ready for my last night in town! We ran home, got ready, and went out to Roberta's to meet friends for pizza and to soak up the last bits of hang out time. It was a perfect night and a perfect end to this trip.

The past week was awesome. I missed Hank and Henry like crazy of course, but it was also so amazing to be able to have this time to myself and recharge. I'm thankful for it, and so grateful for Emily and Jesse and all of my favorite NY people who made my visit that much more special. My heart is so happy.

Here are some photos from my trip. I decided not to take my big camera around so I could soak up "living it" more than documenting it, but I did try and take 5 or 6 photos with my phone everyday. Here they are, all in one place! Enjoy.

Waiting for my flight. See you soon NYC! Already missing my boys so much but excited to see @smellmilly and ready for a great weekend! ✈Tonight. @roary_ @lukelanter @capturethisnyc @austin_calhoonOur night in a nutshell. I love @smellmilly!Pre-5 miles! Let's do this.  @smellmillySo excited to finally try a class here! @smellmillyOne of my favorite spots. So good!  @smellmilly @jesse_lindmarThat's a big burrito.Love! @smellmilly and Megan.@ashleysblack is such a beauty!Headed to Coney! @youngjohnkimbleHappy! @smellmilly @jesse_lindmar @ashleysblack @youngjohnkimbleBeaching it. Loving these high-waisted bottoms! It felt like being in 10 car accidents, all in a row. UntitledGood morning to me! Peanut butter/banana oatmeal with chia seeds. Delicious.Jersey shore bound! @smellmilly @ashleysblackMy favorite! @mrslaurengrant @kathy489 @hank3 About to go on a spinny ride that would make me throw up. So instead I shall be the Mom on the bench, holding everyone's belongings! @smellmilly @ashleysblack❤@smellmilly @ashleysblack's first time having Rita's!Today was so wonderful. Still regretting not getting an airbrushed tee but there will always be next time. NJ, I love you!Vegan donuts and ice cream. They even do donut sundaes. @smellmilly approved!I could eat a salad every day of my life and be happy! This one was especially delicious.Central Park.Before my first encounter with Fran. #crossfitOk so this place was awesome! Vegan, gluten-free. All sorts of amazing!Last night in NYC. Love these people. @ashleysblack @jesse_lindmar @roary_ @smellmilly @austin_calhoonSweetest @roary_. Follow him.Love this photo @ashleysblack took last night. Already missing NY! @smellmilly @jesse_lindmar @roary_ @austin_calhoonGood morning! Waiting for my car to take me to the airport- loving the view of the Empire State building from Em and Jesse's.

at the airport, waiting for my flight // celebrating these wonderful guys // our night in a nutshell // pre-5 miles // so excited to finally try a class here // lunch at Souen- vegan and macrobiotic // Em and Jesse // a HUGE burrito // old friends are the best friends // babely Ashley // Coney-bound! // the hat club // Cyclone time // beaching it on Coney // Wonder Wheel // banana and peanut butter oatmeal with Chia seeds // Jersey Shore bound // my favorite // Ashley and Em about to rollercoaster it up // Mighty Mouse! // their very first Rita's // photobooth fun // love NJ so much // Dunn-Well Donuts. Vegan. Delicious! // one of the best salads I've ever had // Central Park // Black Box NYC CrossFit. Pre-class // delicious vegan ice cream from Soft Serve Fruit Co.- just fruit and water with a bit of agave // Roberta's with my favorites // sweet Rory // end of my last night- love these people // last view of the Empire State Building from Em's window in Brooklyn before I left Wednesday morning

Literate & Stylish: Elise from Our Dearest Family

The premise of Literate & Stylish is simple, and the post is short but sweet- every Thursday I'll be showcasing a lovely lady and her favorite book. She'll share a few pretty photos showing off her personal style, along with her book of choice, and tell us why she loves it. 

from Elise Dear of Our Dearest Family

The Home has a Heart by Thyra Ferre Bjourn

"A long time ago, the pride of a women's life was her home. Cooking to her was an art, the biggest ingredient, always sprinkled liberally into all mixtures, was love. Her home did not need to be furnished elaborately, nor did she need rouge on her cheeks, she had roses painted with the glow of love and excitement. And in spite of all she had to do, she seemed to have time left over to just sit and think and dream and be happy."

I originally picked up this book at a coffee shop in Seattle because it was pink. While enjoying a pastry and sugary coffee, I began to read, Thyra tells in the beginning that she wrote this "cookbook" (her original intention) for new brides to learn to cook, entertain and bring life into their home. It felt perfect for me, as I was on my honeymoon, "I'm as new as a bride could be!" I hoped to purchase the book from the shop but instead they gave it to me. It is such a dear memory of reading lovely words, next to my new husband, eating delicious treats and enjoying our new marriage. I love this book so much today, because it is filled with recipes and "Gold Nuggets", as she calls them, wisdom passed down through the years, and stories about her life, about her family and what they were like. And it always reminds me that home is the heartbeat of my family. Even though it is just two of us, as our hearts beat together, I'm trying to keep our hearts, our home, happy, healthy, and filled with love.

see previous Literate & Stylish posts here.

On Mompetition

Vermont, Summer 2011

There I was, ready to work out. I had on my yoga pants, my sneakers laced up, 14-week old Henry was sound asleep in his stroller. I was pumped to be exercising again, and I loved that for the past few weeks I had been able to attend a particular "Mommy and Me" class held in my town. The first classes had gone well and without anything notable happening (if you don’t count getting my shoelace stuck in the wheel of another woman’s stroller. Yeah.). But then, out of the blue, Mrs. My-Baby-Is-The-Number-One-Baby-Ever decided she wanted to be buddies.

It started out innocently enough; small talk, quick chats while we pushed our babies around in their strollers. “Oh, what does your husband do?” “Do you miss teaching?” “Do you plan on having more kids?” I didn’t mind the chatter too much. It’s not like this was an extremely grueling workout– I mean, we were pushing strollers– so it was a nice break in the monotony of working out in the same half-gymnasium, three days a week.

Then, one unassuming Wednesday morning, it began. I mentioned something in regards to how Henry had been sleeping well recently, and what an amazing thing it’s been getting a full seven hours of sleep in a row. “WELL MY BABY SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT FROM DAY ONE, EVEN BEFORE SHE WAS BORN, LIKE IN MY BELLY SHE WOULD SLEEP THROUGH THE NIGHT. SHE SLEEPS ALL DAY TOO, JUST SO YOU KNOW. YEAH, SHE’S THE BEST SLEEPER EVER.”


I responded with a “Good, great! That’s wonderful,” and pushed my stroller a little faster so she’d maybe get the hint that one, I didn’t care to compete with her, and two, it’s really weird to yell full sentences at someone when you’re right next to them.

As the next few weeks went by, the mom-petitiveness escalated (I learned that her baby was well on its way to being fluent in sign language and Spanish, could pee on command, and was on the road to becoming a little “Doogie Howser”), but she finally backed off when she realized I wouldn’t engage.

Now that I was privy to this form of competition though, I noticed it everywhere. Being a bloggger, and more so a “Mommy blogger,” as most would call it, I started seeing it in the comments of my friends’ blogs, in Twitter conversations, and especially on Facebook. And I kind of hated it.

By nature I’m a slightly competitive person. I grew up playing sports and yeah, I like to win. It’s easy to get sucked into competition with others, and if you’re a Mom, you may have noticed it started way back when you were pregnant. With social media seeping it’s way into so many corners of our world, it’s hard not to see someone else and compare. Pregnant women talk about how much or how little weight they’ve gained, if they’ve dared to eat sushi or maybe have a glass of wine, if they plan on natural childbirth or medicated. It’s easy to judge, and to start to feel inadequate when comparing yourself to everyone else.

Now that Henry is 20 months old, it’s a whole new world of mom-petition. And I’ve decided that the best way to offset these (annoying) women is to just give them what they want– the ego stroke, the coddle, the pat on the back. Sometimes though it’s hard. There have been many times I’ve wanted to step up to the plate to bat for my kid in this non-existent game of “Who’s the Better Mom/Best Kid Ever/etc. etc.” But outside of getting into the mom-petition ring and throwing down baby stats, there are some things that have worked for me when faced with a crazy mama.

1. Combat the mom-petition with a compliment. “Oh wow, Lila was potty trained by 12 months? That’s just awesome, you’re a great Mom.” (Even though you’d rather say something along the lines of, you’re a liar and a weirdo, I don’t care about your kid’s potty training time line.) But with the compliment there’s not really anywhere else to go, and it kind of stops the other Mom in her tracks. My challenge here though, is fighting off the sarcastic edge that often threatens to come through.

2. Lie for fun. “Oh wow, Lila was potty trained by 12 months? My Henry was potty trained from hmm, I guess it was 9 months. The doctor said she’d never seen anything like it. I can give you some tips if you’d like, for your next slow potty-trainer.” This one isn’t a good idea whatsoever, but at least it’s entertaining.

3. Be honest, and ask for tips. Then shut it down (or prepare to be there for hours). “Oh wow, Lila was potty trained by 12 months? Henry definitely isn’t even close yet. What were some things that worked for you?” This method is awesome, but it’s a slippery slope, because more often than not, Mom-petitive Mommies love to give advice. If you take a step in that direction you may have gotten on an advice train you can’t really get off of, so tread carefully.

Overall though, just know that women who feel the need to engage in mom-petition have always been the type to be competitive with others. In high school I’m sure they wanted to be the #1 whatever it was they were, after high school it was the same, and now they can channel their hidden yet obvious insecurities into attempting to make themselves feel like the better mom by one-upping you. Whether it’s bragging that their four-year old still breastfeeds, wearing their kid’s early teething like a medal, or even making sure you know that they are more stressed out and tired than you, it’s going to happen. The best thing you can do is do is just realize that you are doing what’s best for your baby, and you don’t need anyone else’s validation to do so.

*This one of the many pieces I'll be re-sharing here over the next year. This originally published on Hello Giggles, but since I am not writing for them anymore, it's important to me to have all of my writing in one place. If this is the second time you've seen this, I hope you didn't mind too much! Thank you for reading!

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